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Quality Concrete Patios in Wayne, NJ

Whether you’re looking to replace your old patio, or install a brand new design, our patio contractors are committed to providing quality patios, built to last. Since 1989, Sam The Concrete Man has been committed to quality. Learn more about our concrete patio services in Wayne, NJ. 

The Benefits of Using Concrete for Your Patio

  • Unbeatable Strength

    Concrete is one of the best options for patios, especially compared to other materials like wood, brick, flagstone, and more. Concrete patios are fire-resistant and are especially resilient in the humid climate of Wayne)

  • Easy Maintenance

    Up-keep for concrete is simple! Compared to wooden decks, there is no need to use solvent-based wood stains and sealers which can be a pain to do. Getting out common spills and stains is a cinch and can last for 30+ years.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our concrete patios are more eco-friendly than most wood decks as they don't require harsh chemicals for cleaning and sealing that are harmful for the environment. It is also possible to recycle concrete!

  • Endless Customization

    Our concrete patios can be formed into any shape, allowing you to work with any backyard space restrictions and create beautiful curves. You can also choose from a huge selection of pattern and design options including stamped concrete.

  • Affordable Investment

    Concrete patios is an investment that will lost for decades when treated right. When compared to wooden-composite decks, your investment may only last half the time of concrete. Concrete pays off in the end with its long lifespan!

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Design Options for Concrete Patios

Another great aspect of our patios is that they can be made to resemble other popular materials, such as natural stone, brick, and even wood. 

Once installed, keeping your patio maintained is a breeze, especially when compared to traditional pavers, stone or brick. These styles leave sand-filled joints between units where weeds and grass can take hold. And unlike wood and wood-composite, you don’t have to worry about termites, wood rot, or staining and resealing year after year. 

Concrete Patio Cost & Free Estimate Process

Getting a brand new concrete patio is great investment for your home. When it comes to working with a concrete patio company, you want to get it right the first time, which is why we provide detailed, on-site consultations – free of charge.

Our team of estimators in Wayne, NJ will personally go to your property to take in the full scope of your project, ensuring you get the highest quality work that’s built to last. We then print the estimate out on-site so you know every detail about the quote.

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